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Oct 30, 2020

Do you know how in racing video games there is often a "boost" near the end of the race that allows you to go even faster and catapults you towards the finish line? Wouldn't it be awesome if there were something similar in real life? Well, guess what - there is. And I'm going to teach you how to find it!

Show notes:

Oct 23, 2020

Are you a maximizer? Maximizing is a form of perfectionism and can really impact happiness levels, but not many people know what it is, or they do and just didn't know it had label. In today's episode, Suzi talks about what it is and how you can overcome it to find more happiness in your day.

Show notes:

Oct 16, 2020

Weight loss is as easy as calories in/calories out, right? Wrong. In today's episode, Suzi talks about 8 pillars of weight loss from a yogic approach, and how you can easily integrate some of these into your life starting today!

Intro to the Yamas & Niyamas:

Manage Your Mindset:...

Oct 9, 2020

There is no denying it - autumn is in the air. In today's episode, Suzi is sharing 5 things you can do during this transitional period to support your health and help you feel more grounded and energized as we move into vata season in the Ayurvedic world.


Oct 2, 2020

Can we all PLEASE stop villainizing food and instead start thinking about it as fuel. Some fuel is superior to others, but they all will help fill your tank and give you the energy to survive, and that is priority number one.

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