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Feb 14, 2020

Yesterday both my websites and email were down for the entire day. I think all in all I was down for around 40 hours. It was completely out of my control, web servers that went down and I had no choice but to wait around for the restoration. This was a bit of a drag, but because I don't operate all of my business from those two sites, it really only hindered a small part of my business. But it really got me thinking about those who depend solely on their website for their revenue. Understandably they were a bit wound up, but instead of being upset with our webhost, I think this serves as a good opportunity for them to really look at their business model. Because rarely is it wise to keep all your eggs in one basket. Which is what led me to today's episode. As much as it's true for business, it's also true in our personal lives. 

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